We like that people that work in an executive environment are still able to receive their dispatched calls. This helps with our response for those that can't carry pagers but are able to respond

T. Sullivan
Howard County Volunteer Fire Department / Big Spring, TX

You folks have a great product, thank you!

Welling FD / OK

We love eDispatches and everything they provide! Thank you!

D. Petty
Garland VFD / Alabama

Your systems is great and everyone loves it. Prior to trial we had a few skeptics and even they have fallen in love with the system.

S. Calise
Chopmist Hill FD / Rhode Island

All of our guys are really excited about the eDispatches system. On free trial alone this service saved our people from missing calls. eDispatches has been great!

J. Gardner
East Machias / East Machias, Maine

Since we have gone to the eDispatches system, we can't stop bragging to our area departments. We have more responders coming to calls now and all of them are so happy to be using this system. eDispatches has no idea how happy they have made our department.

D. Crow
Start Fire Department / Start, Louisiana

The response I received from the firefighters when we trialed was "Man, this is the greatest service ever!" eDispatches is a super deal, easy to use and it is just a great service and product. I will be referring numerous other departments to use this system.

C. Martin
Mason VFD / Texas

eDispatches works great for our department. Everybody really likes how our calls come directly to our phones!

D. Graves
North Lake VFD / May, Texas

eDispatches has improved everything! We have a better response since rolling out the system. Our staff used to be in the next town over and no longer misses our pages. Previously, dispatch had to manually enter calls and it was not consistent. Now, our calls to phone are automatic without involving the dispatcher.

G. Clark
Thomaston Fire Department / Thomaston, Connecticut

This system has done everything you guys said it would do. We have had not one complaint from our people who are tickled pink with eDispatches.

T. Smedley
Chesterhill VFD / Chesterhill, Ohio

Our entire department has been very happy with the performance of the eDispatches system.

D. Rieck
Spencer Volunteer Fire Department / Spencer, South Dakota

Our guys are very spoiled now that eDispatches has been in use! This is a great system.

C. Leeper
Callaway / Nebraska

My department is really impressed with the quality of the eDispatches system. eDispatches hit a home run with this service.

A. Mendenhall
Baker Fire Protection Association / Oklahoma

This system is exactly what we have wanted for so long. It works every time without delay and the guys love it.

C. Evans
Barto VFD / Barto, Georgia

We really are enjoying eDispatches. As Chief, I especially like being able to receive and monitor my calls when I am out of town. We have come to really appreciate the mass messaging function.

C. Tully
Miller-Baker E 911 / Colquitt, Georgia

Although our people are issued radios and pagers, we can't always carry them. Sine we subscribed to eDispatches, our department has functions 10x better. We have found that eDispatches is simple to use and it just works.

K. Hudson
Spencerville Volunteer Fire Department / Sawyer, Oklahoma

eDispatches has been very fast on alerts for our personnel. Everyone receives the notifications within seconds. I have had an incredible amount of positive feedback since putting this system in place.

B. Flaten
Yellow Medicine County / Granite Falls, Minnesota

Since we have deployed the eDispatches system our staff has had nothing but positive comments about the operation of the system.

M. Talley
Booneville / Arkansas

We are so far from dispatch that we do not receive our calls on the radio system. Since we starting using eDispatches, we get all of our calls clearly. This system has been a huge help for our department.

J. Ogden
Sanders VFD / Kentucky

All of our personnel are really enjoying the eDispatches system. It has been very convenient to receive the dispatches on our devices and it has worked very well.

D. Eads
Hall County EMS / Memphis, Texas

Since we put the eDispatches system in place it has worked very well. We definitely are seeing a better response from our personnel because they receive all of our calls on their phone, which is always with them.

B. Price
Stonemill Creek Fire / Port St. Joe, Florida

Our department has embraced eDispatches. Just the other day I did not have my pager on me and received a call for a motor vehicle accident just a couple of blocks from me. I was able to respond and it turned our to be a bad extrication call. eDispatches did the job!

K. Puckett
Hartford Fire Department / Hartford, Kentucky

The eDispatches system has received high praise from our emergency responders in Audubon County. The system has worked very well for our needs.

M. Jensen
Audubon County / Audubon, Iowa

All of our people like the eDispatches system. We find it to be very fast and responsive. This is the perfect solution for our VFD.

E. Beimer
Rowena Volunteer Fire Department / Rowena, Texas

All of our people love eDispatches. It is incredibly convenient for us because we do not have pagers, only radios. The battery on the radios does not last long which would make us miss calls. Now with having our calls come to our phones from eDispatches, we do not miss anything.

R. Jeddore
Conne River Fire Rescue / Conne River, Newfoundland

In our area, we are transitioning radio systems. eDispatches has been the simplest solution to bridge the gap. Our members cannot always carry their pager, however, they now receive all of the calls on their mobile device. We have found the time stamping of the system to be incredibly valuable for our responders.

D. Roark
Big Rock Volunteer Fire Department / Big Rock, Virgina

I enjoy the fact that when I am out of the area or state I continue to receive my calls. eDispatches is a very neat and helpful system. Our firefighters love it!

R. Jeter
Ripley Volunteer Fire Department / Ripley, Mississippi

eDispatches has made life just a bit easier within our department. As with most departments, our pager range is limited to a fixed area. Receiving our calls on our phones has released us from those limitations. This system has been flawless since activation.

P. Adam
Manville Fire Department / Manville, Rhode Island

The best thing about eDispatches for us is the fact that every guy has their cell phone. Our radio range can be limited, however, we are fortunate enough to have good cellular service which makes this system a tremendous redundancy. We are now able to stand up our secondary crews much more easily since the implementation of eDispatches.

T. Finnell
Meigs County Emergency Services / Decatur, Tennesse

Our guys are loving the eDispatches system. We highly recommend it to any department. The redundancy and coverage is amazing.

W. Dawson
Pulaski Fire Department / Pulaski, Tennessee

eDispatches has worked really well and we are very impressed with its operation. This is an excellent system.

C. Layte
Lethbridge Volunteer Fire Department / Lethbridge, NL, Canada

Many our our volunteer members work in a business environment that is not conducive to pagers or radios. Additionally, these area are on the fringe of radio reception and often times our communications system does not reach. Some of our coverage areas can be as far as 50 miles from our transmit antenna. Since deploying eDispatches, we have been able to receive all of our calls.

K. Brodie
Whiting Volunteer Fire Department / Whiting, Maine

To simply put it, eDispatches has been convenient and reliable.

T. Greenogh
Valentine Volunteer Fire Department / Valentine, Nebraska

The members of our department had a variety of issues prior to using eDispatches. Many of them work in a metal building and do not have pager reception. Others live on the outskirts of our response area and have pager failure due to the range of our radio system. Now that everyone uses eDispatches, we all get the calls all of the time. This has been a great system for our department.

J. Hahn
Sweet Home Volunteer Fire Department / Sweet Home, Texas

I am the Chief of the department and now I have the security of knowing that my entire force has been notified of our calls. eDispatches has increased our response to our calls because of this secondary notification. Our communications system is very good, however, it does have some issues on the outskirts. The technical support staff was extremely helpful recognizing and informing us of an issue on our end before we even knew we had an issue.

J. Stutts
Onalaska Volunteer Fire Department / Onalaska, Texas

As Chief of the department, I now know what is going on no matter where I am located. Departmentally, this has especially helped our responders that are farmers. This has become a very convenient option to receive our calls anywhere.

A. Dantzler
Georgiana Fire Rescue / Georgiana, Alabama

eDispatches is working out great for our department. We are very limited on the number of radios that are available and we have been able redistribute what we do have since placing this system online. I particularly enjoy the mass message function which is tremendously faster than creating a group text. We are very happy to have subscribed to eDispatches.

T. Zufelt
Artesian Fire / Dinosaur, Colorado

We are located in a rural area that has some terrain. Prior to eDispatches being used, we were not receiving all of our calls. We are all very happy to now be receiving all of our dispatches on our phones.

C. Staley
Montgomery County Ambulance District / Montgomery City, Missouri

In most of our coverage area, our radio system does not perform well. Since subscribing to eDispatches, we now get all of our calls regardless of where we are located. All of our personnel are pleased with this system.

M. Gervia
Bolton Fire Department / Bolton, Vermont

Everyone loves eDispatches! Our dispatch center works with many agencies and has a manual text message feature that has significant delays. eDispatches comes through in just seconds and requires no added effort to our dispatch staff. The cost of eDispatches is very inexpensive and it has been a great addition to our department.

J. Busby
Braxton Fire-Rescue / Braxton, Mississippi

First off, this is a great reliable alternative dispatching solution. Our radio system is older and we are able to bridge to this modern technology very easy. We have tried other notification systems, however, eDispatches is the fastest by far. Hearing the dispatcher is key for our staff.

T. Cooper
Marion City Fire / Marion, South Carolina

These days, everyone has their phone and we are now able to capitalize on that and get them their calls anywhere. We also don't have enough pagers to go around and eDispatches notifies everyone!

C. Clark
Sardinia Fire Department / Georgetown, Ohio

We recently became a subscriber to eDispatches. All of our staff are really liking the system. This system has been very advantageous to our department.

D. Fuller
West Fargo Fire Department / West Fargo, North Dakota

Our guys love the eDispatches system! As soon as the tones go off, our phones get the call. It is great having our calls also go to our phones.

D. Coffey
Dermott Fire Department / Dermott, Arkansas

We are located in a rural area and even our cell signal is questionable. The option eDispatches presents of not only getting your call by cell but also Wi-Fi is important to us. This is an awesome system that works great! We are now able to do away with alpha pagers which was a costly expense.

B. Barrett
Noel Fire Department / Noel, Missouri

We recently started using eDispatches and we have found a new freedom. We are not always able to carry pagers and now we get all of our calls sent to our phones. Additionally, the affordability of this program has freed up some other funds.

R. Nettleingham
Cullom Fire Department / Cullom, Illinois

We are loving the eDispatches system! By using this system, we have more response personnel. We used to get 4-5 people on calls and with this system, we have had up to 15 on some calls. This has been a great addition to our department.

C. Spradlin
Grandfield Fire Department / Grandfield, Oklahoma

eDispatches has made a huge difference in our response times. Not every person is able to carry a radio. I used to have to call people to advise them of a call but not anymore, with eDispatches!

S. Brown
Lefors Volunteer Fire Department / Lefors, Texas

This system has enhanced our ability for when we are out of pager range to receive calls. One of my members was still able to receive his calls out of the country. This is a great secondary notification system.

S. Vineyard
Hohenwald Fire Department / Hohenwald, Tennessee

Our guys really love it! We never leave our phones home so we always get the call. This is great in rural areas.

D. Whipple
Hidalgo County Emergency Services / Lordsburg, New Mexico

This system is fantastic and we can't praise eDispatches enough. This system has increased the response of our people and now we can actually hear what dispatch says.

R. Anselmo
Sun Valley Fire / Sun Valley

We appreciate the ability for our people to receive the audio dispatch on their cell phone and not have to be constantly tethered to their radios. We work in some harsh conditions and eDispatches has worked well for us.

D. Richardson
Deer Island Fire Department / New Brunswick

We have deployed eDispatches as a back-up to our main paging system. It has worked very well for our personnel. As Chief of the department, I enjoy being able to receive the calls when I am out of town.

D. Gallagher
Gunter Fire Department / Gunter, Texas

We really like using eDispatches. We do not have enough pagers to give to our people. Those that have pagers, up to this point, have not gotten the calls in all areas. This system makes sure we get our calls everywhere. This is money well spent.

M. Redd
Wagener Fire Department / Wagener, South Carolina

The eDispatches service has proven to make things easier for our volunteers. We enjoy the system.

R. Elliott
Imperial VFD / Imperial, Nebraska

We have found eDispatches to be very beneficial for getting our members out to the calls. They are able to stay in the loop anywhere they go and it has helped our department a lot.

F. Menefee
La Grange Volunteer Fire Department / La Grange, Texas

eDispatches has provided us redundancy for alerting our personnel. Our paging system does not always reach all locations of our response area. We now have guys receiving calls everywhere they go regardless of proximity to our response area.

H. Land
Hamilton County Fire Rescue / Jasper, Florida

eDispatches has worked out great! We went from 4-5 people showing up to an average of 11! Both our department and community appreciate the service provided by eDispatches.

L. Bowen
Jasper Volunteer Fire Department / Duffield, Virginia

The eDispatches system has done a lot of good for our department. We have found the mapping feature to be especially helpful for our people. Many of our folks out of range have been able to receive their calls on their phones.

J. Satsky
Hallettsville Volunteer Fire Department / Hallettsville, Texas

Not all of our staff can always carry a pager or radio. The convenience of receiving eDispatches on our phones is irreplaceable.

J. Kirk
St. Johns Emergency Services / St. Johns, Arizona

Our staff don't always have the ability to carry their pagers. eDispatches has been very beneficial for us to be able to receive our calls on our phones.

D. Wilhelm
Put-in-Bay Fire / Put-in-Bay, Ohio

We have found a significant advantage of receiving alerts on our phones. We like the ability to replay calls as necessary to repeat the call details. All of our staff are no getting our dispatches on their phones.

D. Loudy
Bristol Virginia Fire Department / Bristol, Virginia

We have increased the availability of our firefighters now that we use eDispatches. Our radio system does not always work at home or work. We have found that eDispatches operates more reliably than our pagers.

H. Boyd
Duncan Valley Rural Fire District / Duncan, Arizona

We really enjoy receiving the eDispatches service on our phones. As a volunteer agency, it is advantageous to receive our calls on our wireless devices. This system works well.

R. Bunn
Eudora City Fire Department / Eudora, Arkansas

The system has worked very well for us. All of our people keep their phones with them twenty-four hours a day. Our radio system has reduced coverage so this system allows us to get our calls anywhere.

J. Clay
Amistad Fire / Nara Visa, New Mexico

eDispatches has aided us by allowing for improved responses. Because of the frequency that are people carry phones versus pagers, we have realized a better career and volunteer response.

A. Vandevort
Marysville City Fire Department / Marysville, California

eDispatches has helped us tremendously. This system alerts us to calls when other means are not successful. The ease of operation is fantastic! We have been alerted through this system every single time we have had a call!

B. Hurst
Liberty Fire Department / Liberty, Texas

eDispatches has been great! Just the other day 4 members on their way to work were able to respond because they received the eDispatches call on their phone. Without eDispatches they would not have known we had an emergency. We have been able to get a significant amount of people coming on calls since we started using this system.

B. Luke
Hoyt Fire Department / Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada

We have significantly improved the number of members that come on calls since we started using eDispatches. Our radio/pager reception is not always very good. Receiving this on our phones has been great.

R. Davis
Oneida County Fire / Malad, Idaho

The eDispatches system has worked out great! This services provided were better than expected and we now receive all our calls even in places where our pagers don't work. We are pleased to get all of our calls and a greater response of our responders.

T. Moore
Big Cabin VFD / Big Cabin, Oklahoma

Our staff really like using this system as they now can get our audio dispatches on our phones. Our county uses a text based text message system and eDispatches is significantly faster at delivering messages.

S. Kaskawits
Ardsley Fire Department / Ardsley, New York

My guys have taking a liking to this system. Sometimes our members forget their pagers but they always seem to have their phones. Although this is in use as our secondary system, we find it very valuable.

D. Zeiler
Grantsburg Fire Department / Grantsburg, Wisconsin

We are new to eDispatches and since we have placed it online, we have seen an improvement with our staff responses. It is well known that everyone always has their cell phone and pagers can commonly be forgotten. We were happy to subscribe.

S. O'Neil
Wauneta Volunteer Fire Department / Wauneta, Nebraska

My guys have stated they have no idea how we survived without eDispatches in the past. We are a new client and love the system. We have found that audio notifications far surpass the value of text based notifications we have previously received.

C. Kiernan
Verona Fire & Rescue / Verona, New Jersey

We have now used eDispatches for two years. We are a large frontier county which has significant spacing between towns. All of our communities rely on each other heavily for mutual aid. Reaching some of these responders can be sketchy with our communications system. eDispatches has provided an excellent tool for us to reach our responders anywhere they have cell service. Our emergency personnel love it!

L. Boyd
De Baca County RECC / Fort Sumner, New Mexico

Our department is located on the edge of the county. eDispatches has now increased our range and our staff has the ability to receive all of our calls now.

K. Koncaba
Moulton Fire Department / Moulton, Texas

eDispatches has been a great alternative notification system for us. We especially enjoy the Priority Text Mass Message feature because it is a great time saver. This service has proved to be incredibly reliable.

A. Young
Perryville Fire Department / Perryville, Kentucky

We subscribed to the eDispatches system for our entire county. Immediately, we realized improved responses from all departments, task forces, special teams and various career platoons for call backs! Several of our departments were located in bad coverage areas and now they are receiving all of their calls. This system has been a huge plus!

K. Enloe
Pittsburg County Emergency Management / McAlester, Oklahoma

We have guys that have not missed any calls since we put this system in place. Previously, those same people experienced radio system range issues that caused the pagers to not always function so they did not respond. A definite improvement for us.

T. Koster
Saranac Fire Department / Saranac, Michigan

This system has given us a lot of flexibility. We now have an option if our pager battery goes dead or it is forgotten. eDispatches provides freedom, flexibility and assurance.

W. Kilman
San Saba Volunteer Fire Department / San Saba, Texas

It has been awesome! This system has improved our membership responses significantly. Our responders now have a much greater level of awareness as to what is going on and this system is easy for them to operate.

D. Hinchcliffe
Roseland First Aid Squad / Roseland, New Jersey

Everyone on our department has a phone and eDispatches just plain works. We absolutely love it! I have been referring others to give it a try.

C. Clark
Sardinia Life Squad / Georgetown, Ohio

It has helped us tremendously! Now guys come to calls all the time even if their radio battery has died or they don't have a pager with them. We are happy to have gone with eDispatches.

M. Tames
Rushville Township VFD / Rushville, Indiana

Great staff, every time we've called in or emailed with any questions it's been handled quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

R. Rohr
Jefferson Twp Fire Department / Scioto Ohio

We have individuals outside of our pager range. This systems lets them know when we have a large call that they need to respond on. Additionally, we have some localized signal issues that this system alleviates. Now everyone gets all the calls.

W. Harrison
Olivehurst Fire Department / Olivehurst, California

eDispatches provides an excellent back-up to the main radio paging system. If some of our people are out of the area they are able to receive their calls on their cell phones so they can still respond.

P. Rabas
Maribel Fire Department / Maribel, Wisconsin

We are a combination fire department that often relies on recall personnel. This program has been a big success for those members that are in outlying areas where there are "dead zones" for their pagers. This program allows us to clearly replay past emergencies through the app, and keeps a call log for later recollection. Thank you!

I. Wheeler
Sycamore Fire / Sycamore, Illinois

Quite simply, the eDispatches service has made our lives easier.

G. Martinez
Northwest Conejos Fire Protection District / La Jara, Colorado

Wow, this system has made receiving our calls very accessible! We have few radios to go around to our people. Presently, we are in a long term radio system transition and because this is so affordable we can all receive our calls ahead of the switch. We appreciate the unlimited range eDispatches affords our staff.

S. Pate
Belleville VFD / Castlebury, Alabama

eDispatches has changed the way we do things because now all members get their dispatches all the time. We love it!

F. Dodge
Garnish Volunteer Fire Department / Garnish, Newfoundland, Canada

Some of our members live a town or two over. Prior to using eDispatches, we would not always receive our calls due to range issues. Now, we all know what is going on! This product also reduces radio traffic because members cans repeat the call and avoid contacting dispatch. This has been very beneficial for us.

Y. De Jesus
Holbrook EMS / Holbrook, Arizona

I first experienced eDispatches with another department. I brought it to this department and we have been impressed. A significant amount of time, my pager does not activate but my phone always goes off with the call. We are getting more people on calls and I brag about your service all the time!

T. Ramsdell
Princeton Fire Department / Princeton, Maine

Honestly, we no longer have a fear of missing calls since we began using the eDispatches system. Everyone has their phone and if their pager doesn't activate the phone certainly will.

N. Walkowski
Armada Township Fire Department / Armada, Michigan

The biggest thing for us since we started using this system is that we no longer miss calls. As with many other departments, we have static in our radio transmissions or radio tower issues. It has become incredibly convenient to receive our dispatches on our phones. All of our people always have their phone and everyone likes eDispatches.

T. Malcom
County Line Fire Department / North Augusta, South Carolina

We are extremely happy with the service! Our department is in a rural area and many members work a great distance from our response area. The fact they are out of range and still receive our calls has been really great. Even if they see the call at a later time because they were busy at work, the time stamping indicates if they should still respond. Everyone has selected various alerting options and we love them all!

B. Engbarth
Canistota Volunteer Fire Rescue / Canistota, South Dakota

We have received really good feedback from our members since starting with eDispatches. All of the small issues that existed in the beginning of our trial were dealt with in a friendly and timely manner.

G. Gilmore
Keswick Ridge Fire Department / Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada

Now that we use this system, it has made it much easier on our dispatchers. No longer do we need to continually ask dispatch to repeat the address or call details because we can simply replay them ourselves. Some members can now be out of town/radio coverage and still respond to be helpful on a large incident.

K. Colbert
West Point FD / West Point Virginia

Everyone has been pretty impressed with the eDispatches system. We are very happy that even people that do not use a smartphone are able to receive their calls on their phone. Since our paging system had limited coverage it has been nice to receive our calls on the fringe on our phones.

H. Towsley
East Dorset Fire District 1 / East Dorset, Vermont

We have effectively been able to cover dead spots in our coverage area using eDispatches. Now we don't need to spend tons of money to fix our infrastructure issues. This system can make the difference is saving a house or a life. We tried other services but nobody was as simple or elegant as eDispatches.

S. Butler
Sedan City FD / Sedan, Kansas

We have noticed an improved response from our volunteer members. As with many departments, our pagers don't work in all regions of our response area. The eDispatches system has been an excellent addition to our department.

R. Loveberg
Smith Valley FPD / Smith, Nevada

Once we started using this system we starting getting all of our calls in all areas of the county. Our pagers do not activate in all areas. Rising costs of pager and radios has made eDispatches very cost effective for us.

J Saul
Riner Volunteer Fire Department / Riner, Virginia

We have found that redundancy is key in the emergency response industry. By deploying eDispatches, we can now be sure our staff is notified to come to an incident. We did not previously have redundancy and this system is clutch.

C. Christiansen
Emmett Fire Department / Emmett, Idaho

eDispatches is going to work great for our department! We are a rural fire department and pagers often times don't work. In the trial period alone, its easy to see this is going to improve our response times and be better able to serve our rural community.

C.W. Cartmell
Idaville Fire Department / Monticello, Indiana

The increased notification to our personnel is tremendous. All of our people are carrying their phones 24 hours per day. Some of them are unable to always carry their pager, however, they can continue to receive their calls.

J. Payne
Oppelo Volunteer Fire Department / Oppelo, Arkansas

eDispatches has helped out a lot. We do have some people that choose not to have their pagers with them and now they respond more with the calls going to their phone. Additionally, we have members in outlying areas that benefit because they are out of radio range.

T. Wilson
Lime Fire Department / Lima, Montana

With communications being a problem in our community for many reasons, this system has been an excellent solution. The value of properly informed responders is priceless. Thank you!

Chief J. Gagliardo Jr
Putnam Lake Fire Department / Putnam Lake, New York

We have radio issues in our rural areas. eDispatches has helped our department by facilitating a better turnout and response time. We are getting our folks taken care of faster and find this especially valuable for our medical responses.

R. Lehman
Southwest Madison County Fire Department / Madison, Mississippi

I have two experiences to share regarding eDispatches. The first one is that I was away from my response district out of pager range. I received a house fire call on my phone. It so happens that is was my own grandfather's house. I was able to respond and keep updated as to what was going on. Other members also received the eDispatches message and were able to save my grandfather. Within the same month, another member was caught without his pager and received a house fire call. He received the dispatch on his phone and was the first to respond and save a woman from the fire. This system has been a huge success for our department.

B. Merritt
Washington Parish District 4 / Franklin, Louisiana

We are located in a rural setting. This system has allowed us to communicate calls to our members via their cell phone that otherwise don't have good radio reception. We have seen an increase in our response personnel and acknowledge this as a good secondary notification method for our radio system which is limited.

J. Drumm
Clayton FD / Clayton, New Mexico

eDispatches has been valuable to our department. We presently have a few pagers that are inoperable. This system has helped bridge that gap. All of our people always carry their phones so we know they are getting their calls now.

N. Henry
Redstone Fire Department / Center Conway, New Hampshire

eDispatches has greatly changed how we get our responders back to the station and calls. Some of our volunteer staff is unable to carry their pagers at work. We are able to always be in contact with our department staff now that we are using eDispatches.

A. McCullers
Wetumpka Fire Department / Wetumpka, Alabama

We have found that the eDispatches system broadens our communication ability in otherwise unreliable areas. Our members have also embraced the mass message portion of the system so they can communicate with other members. This is system is both beautiful and wonderful.

T. Snook
Grand Bank Fire Department / Grand Bank, Newfoundland, Canada

The eDispatches service has saved us several times now. We are located in a rural area and our cell service is much better than our radio system. We are certainly glad somebody referred to this system.

R. Beaton
Irasburg Fire Department / Irasburg, Vermont

eDispatches is going to save us a great deal of money on communications expenses. Since deploying the system, we have seen an increase of participation in both training and fire calls.

D. Nicholas
Indian Township Fire Department / Princeton, Maine

We have set the eDispatches system up near our transmit antenna which is some distance from our geographic location. This allows us to combat missing pages. Additionally, we have some volunteers who refuse to carry pagers and now get calls on their phone.

T. Mengers
Tynan VFD / Tynan, Texas

Now my staff can't say they don't get their pages! The best part is they now pay attention to the calls since they come over their phones. We are starting to see an increase in responders due to the eDispatches system.

J. DiMaria
Ray Township Fire and Rescue / Ray, Michigan

We have got a lot of issues with paging system due to terrain. More firefighters are now receiving their pages. Our turnout has been much better since deploying this system.

R. Compton
Tannehill Scipio Lake Area FD / McAlester, Oklahoma

We live in a rural area and eDispatches has increased our coverage which was greatly needed. This system has enhanced our response capabilities tremendously.

J. McClure
Bloomfield Volunteer Fire Rescue / Bloomfield, Iowa

eDispatches has assisted us with improving our response times. Our radio system has coverage gaps and we now receive all of our calls on our phones.

K. Uhrich
Oakley VFD / Oakley, Kansas

eDispatches is a great redundant way to notify your staff. In our rural county, we don't always receive the page over our pagers. Now, we get our calls everywhere!

J. Tarzi
Coahoma County Fire / Clarksdale, Mississippi

This type of system is great for our department as we dispatch our own people. The dispatcher can get quickly overwhelmed with receiving calls for the emergency and may not be able to send out a message to the members without a delay. This system captures the actual audio announcement made and sends it out to the membership within seconds of the announcement ending, getting the need for off duty staff to respond out to the membership quickly and efficiently.

M. DiFronzo
Southbridge Fire Department / Southbridge, Massachusetts

Since we activated this system, we have had a better response of personnel. Now our firefighters all receive notifications of calls and more firefighters show up to scenes. This system works too well!

K. Grooms
City of Wagoner Fire Department / Wagoner, Oklahoma

We have one side of our island that is a radio free zone. We do have cellular service on that side of the island and eDispatches has bridged the gap nicely.

S. Marlor
San Juan Island Fire / Friday Harbor, Washington

Since we recently began with eDispatches we have found more of our volunteers are responding to calls. It is very clear that people these days always have their cell phones which makes it important to get their calls to them by phone.

R. Sanders
Everman Volunteer Fire Department / Everman, Texas

We now have more responders since we deployed the eDispatches system. We are happy to receive our dispatches anywhere we have cellular service.

W. Wilber
Jefferson County ESD 4 / Hamshire, Texas

eDispatches has saved us from having to guess what is going on. We don't have enough pagers and radios to go around so this has been a cost effective solution for our department.

M. Vincent
Locust Volunteer Fire Department / Pottsboro, Texas

We no longer miss our calls since incorporating eDispatches into our operation. Our radios and pagers have a limited range so this has enhanced our responses. The membership enjoys the various alerting features. Although many of us like the apps eDispatches provides, we also enjoy the direct phone call voicemail option!

P. Ortega
Clifton Fire / Clifton, Arizona

eDispatches is an excellent service that has worked very well for our department.

DJ Welch
Troy VFD / Troy, Montana

We have discovered that eDispatches allows us to communicate to our firefighters much quicker than our traditional radio system. Our staff is able to replay calls so they can hear the details more than once if necessary. We routinely have issues with our radio batteries and find that our devices lose power. eDispatches is able to deliver our calls to everyone that always has their phone with them.

H. Horelica
Cameron VFD / Cameron, Texas

We have radio communication issues in certain areas of our district. My guys that live in those areas are now very happy to be receiving all of their calls through the eDispatches system. It allows us to respond with more people and create a safer environment.

J. Thorne
Jackson Volunteer FD / Jackson, South Carolina

90% of people use smartphones at our department and those people are enjoying the apps. This system has worked well for our needs and is a good program.

C. Callison
Richland Township Fire / Vestaburg, Michigan

We started this service because we simply did not have enough pagers to go around. The cost of the number of pagers was significant. We decided to use eDispatches because we wanted everyone to get some notification of a call in progress. Our radio range is also limited and we very quickly realized this service was a huge benefit to all personnel. After we deployed the eDispatches system, our staff started getting calls much faster than our previous methods. The group messaging feature saves me a ton of time and avoids us having to involve our busy dispatchers.

R. Isaacks
Blue Volunteer Fire Department / Lexington, Texas

Bud's Ambulance Service with The City of Dolton highly recommend use of the eDispatches for all personnel.

R. Robertson
Bud's Ambulance Service / Dolton, Illinois

I am 100% satisfied with eDispatches. It is as accurate as a pager and we have not missed any calls since deploying the system. We enjoy the ability to send mass messages to our department.

W. Thomas
Poagville VFD / Coldwater, Mississippi

In our area, we have certain locations where radio signal is unable to penetrate to our radios. It so happens that we have cell service in these same areas. We are now able to receive our audio dispatch throughout our entire coverage area due to eDispatches.

Chief J. McNutt
Palmer Fire Rescue / Palmer, Alaska

It has been great having the calls come to our phones. Our department has especially enjoyed the replay feature since we carry radios instead of pagers.

A. Kussard
Mercer Fire & EMS / Mercer, Wisconsin

We think the eDispatches system is great! I especially like how we get notified if we have a loss of Internet connection that would interrupt our alerts. The fact that we get our calls anywhere has really helped with us getting more responders to the scene.

D. Patterson
Gordo Fire Department / Gordo, Alabama

This system has helped our response time and number of members responding to calls. Sometimes our members forget their pagers, however, they always have their phones. Our radio system range is limited and this has been a great addition to our department.

J. Sessions
Evergreen Fire Department / Evergreen, Alabama

This system has been a very good back-up to our primary paging system due to dead spots around town. Some of our members have commented how the audio is better than our pagers. Those that are able to utilize the apps for alerting are impressed with the features it includes. Even those that don't have a smartphone are able to use the system effectively.

B. Porch
Manchester Fire Department / Manchester Center, Vermont

Being the Chief of the department and working another job outside pager coverage allows for me to know what is always going on. eDispatches has been working awesome for our firefighters!

Chief Metzger
Okay Fire Department / Okay, Oklahoma

This system enables our people that don't have coverage to receive their calls. Narrow banding hurt us when it became required. We have many volunteer staff members not permitted to carry their pagers at their workplace that have benefitted from the eDispatches system.

S. Burton
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company / Palmyra, Indiana

eDispatches has help our personnel out a great deal. We are no longer missing pages due to the narrowband mandate.

A. Davidson
Caney Fire Department / Caney, Kansas

Our paging system has limitations. Since we have deployed the eDispatches system, all of the personnel are getting their calls very quickly. This has solved a lot of our issues.

D. Price
Boys Ranch Fire / Boys Ranch, Texas

The guys like receiving a clean dispatch when calls come in due to our radio system limitations.

T. Schutte
Batesville Fire & Rescue / Batesville, Indiana

This system has helped us tremendously. We have experience using other text-based products and they were not reliable. We have not missed an alert with eDispatches.

N. Johnson
Autauga County Rescue Squad / Prattville, Alabama

eDispatches has been a big benefit to our firefighters. I would classify it an absolute lifesaver due to our range limitations with our pagers.

C. Machen
Madison Parish 911 / Talulah, Louisiana

This is a great secondary notification system because, at times, our crews are out of radio range. This product speaks for itself!

D. Allman
South Taylor EMS / Abilene, Texas

Phenomenal experience working with eDispatches! This system has improved our response times.

M. McCoy
Collins Fire Protection District / Collins, Missouri

This has been amazing! We now get our calls everywhere and before we only had a range of 5-10 miles with our radio system. We waited two years to try it and we are glad we finally did.

K. Williamson
Moorcroft VFD / Moorcroft, Wyoming

Everyone always has their phone which is a great back-up to our pagers. If our radio battery is low, we can conserve and still know we will receive our alerts. My guys are really enjoying this service.

J. Mercer
Dam B VFD / Woodville, Texas

This service has increased the cost effectiveness of departments like ourselves in rural America. Pagers are very expensive for us and eDispatches allows us to provide everyone their alerts for a fraction of the cost. This is a great tool to give new people on our department prior to issuing an expensive pager. We are pleased to use this secondary system alongside our pagers.

B. Tidwell
Ralls Fire & EMS / Ralls, Texas

eDispatches has allowed us to not miss our dispatches. We are now able to hear every call.

M. Erwin
Carthage VFD / Carthage, Indiana

eDispatches really has been effective for my staff that are not able to carry pagers. It is embraced as a secondary system by the department which sincerely enjoys the service!

R. Bilbrey
View VFD / Abilene, Texas

Our department now has a 100% faster response time since we deployed eDispatches! Their staff is just awesome!

R. Moorer
Conecuh County Rescue Squad / Evergreen, Alabama

It took a while to convince the membership to do the free trial. Now that we tried eDispatches, everyone loves it! We are glad we took the opportunity to try this system.

S. Stafford
Harvey Ambulance Service / Harvey, North Dakota

I always have my phone with me. In certain lines of work, people are not able to carry pagers or radios. The biggest advantage of this system is everyone always has their phone with them. eDispatches has been valuable for our members.

J.P. Kelley
Bradford Volunteer Fire Department / Palestine, Texas

So many of the guys say they love eDispatches. In a rural setting, they are now able to get their calls efficiently. This has been particularly beneficial for our volunteers who are farmers working out in the fields.

C. Howe
Wilton Fire Protection District / Wilton, North Dakota

eDispatches gives me the peace of mind if my main systems are down that my people can still be dispatched. It is a great back-up for our volunteers and we all know everybody sleeps with their phones.

D. Prasifka
Atascosa County EMO / Jourdanton, Texas

This service has been the best thing that has happened to our department since narrowbanding occurred. Our staff has fully embraced the eDispatches system since we started using it many months ago.

R. Parham
Richland Springs FD / Richland Springs, Texas

eDispatches alerts hit our phones quick. We have never had issues with people not receiving our alerts. This system is extremely easy to use and navigate.

J. Burgett
Northwest Ambulance District / Geneva, Ohio

All of my people really love eDispatches. Our Chief was skeptical leading up to trial. After the free trial, he was one of the biggest supporters of becoming a full-time client. This system is simple and they have been careful not to overload it with unnecessary features. It is a great communication tool.

T. Dalton
Jeff Davis Fire District 5 / Fenton, Louisiana

This system has done wonders for our department. Our response time has been much better. When our tones are activated, you can count on it going off every time. We especially like the ability to replay our pages.

H. Roden
Comanche Fire Department / Commanche, Oklahoma

The guys love it! They constantly talk about how cool the system is. It has introduced more responders to our calls.

D. Glenn
Pottsboro Fire / Pottsboro, Texas

Awesome. Just awesome. Very user friendly and everyone loves it.

C. Boisvert
Morristown EMS / Morristown, Vermont

We have had eDispatches for many years and it has been incredibly reliable. Our staff realizes the benefit of audio dispatch to our phone due to the amount of detail and emotion in the dispatcher's voice. We look forward to using eDispatches for many more years.

Chief J. Stried
Winthrop Harbor Fire Department / Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Nice system, better audio quality than expected.

P. Newton
Glenpool Fire Department / Glenpool, Oklahoma

Everyone has really enjoyed the eDispatches system. We have seen a big increase in members attending our calls due to using this system.

B. Guffey
Sylvania Fire Department / Sylvania, Alabama

eDispatches has been by far the best system we have ever used. The response from our volunteers has more than doubled for calls. We are thankful for the technology that eDispatches has created.

D. Huie
Lohn VFD / Lohn, Texas.

eDispatches has been great! It allows the employees to be in the know by receiving calls numerous ways.

M. Castro
Hereford EMS / Hereford, TX

eDispatches has allowed a very small squad in a small town to be available much more of the time. Now nobody is out of touch!

J. Loibl
Culbertson Rescue / Culbertson, NE

Using the eDispatches system has meant more volunteers responding to our calls!

D. Scroggins
Port Lavaca Fire Department / Port Lavaca, TX

We had trouble finding a notification system that works with our dispatching equipment. The eDispatches system is the answer and nothing is required from the dispatching center. It really is the matter of getting the frequencies and tones and plugging the equipment in and the notification system is up and running. Very simple and dependable. I was also impressed to find that if there is a failure, eDispatches will contact you to help you with it and the system will reset itself if it uses power or the internet connection.

T. Wagenknecht
Dillon Volunteer Fire Department / Dillon, Montana

Our department has been very happy with this service. Your sales team and management team are top notch and always on top of things. Thanks for a great product.

S. Mixon
Lowry City Fire Department / Lowry City, Missouri

As a long time client since 2010, we have seen a dramatic improvement in response for our department using eDispatches. As a standaline system this has assisted our dispatchers greatly.

H. Swafford
Pikeville Fire Department / Pikeville, Tennessee

The system has been extremely reliable and your customer service is outstanding!

T. Andrews
Middleport Fire Department / Middleport, Ohio

Excellent System, easy to use!

Chief Rod Hynes
Arnold's Cove Fire Department / Newfoundland, Canada

This process was very easy and works very well. All our guys are happy with the performance and the functionality.

R. Miller
Packanack Lake Fire Company / Wayne, New Jersey

What a great tool to add to our toolbox! Our members love the fact they have multiple options for notifications!

Fire Chief Eddie Athey
Seward Fire Department / Seward, Alaska

Since we recently started using eDispatches, we get many more responders. The guys love it.

Chief Jamie Summers
Martin Fire Department / Martin, Tennesee

Hampton Fire-Rescue was looking to get those fire personnel that were in the area that didn't have their pager/radio on them, or were out of range. This app has certainly done that. Our first structure fire we got 40% more personnel to the scene. That alone has paid for the service. The equipment set up in minutes and all personnel were eager to get set up on the system. The apps for the Android and Apple phones were easily set up. Support personnel are quick to respond to questions and we haven't had any tech issues. Very Pleased!!

Deputy Chief Mike Raeburn
Hampton Fire-Rescue / New Brunswick, Canada

Being from a small town such as Lake View, SC, we sometimes don't have resources including manpower to provide the service we need to for our community. With recent changes and a somewhat renewed interest in volunteers for whatever reason, patriotism, sense of service to others, etc., we found ourselves with an influx of good potential members but with limited resources to provide paging equipment at 500 to 600 dollars per pager. At that time, we were forced to look for other avenues and eDispatches really proved themselves. We went online and shortly afterwards received a call providing us with more than enough information to give the trial a go. WOW! Since almost everyone has a cell phone / smart phone, this has been the absolute best move we could make. The expertise of the crew at eDispatches and their personal touch made a really dire situation a lot less stressful. The only problem we have had is our Internet went down due to faulty router but we were advised of this via email and got that situation taken care with no other glitches. Thank You to all of the folks at eDispatches!

Keith R. Elliott, Paramedic
Lake View Rescue Squad, Inc. /

As with many departments, narrow banding has left many holes in our dispatching system. This weekend was a prime example of this circumstance. We were dispatched to a rural structure fire and of the eight available guys that day, my pager was the only one that sounded. I was unable to understand the dispatch due to a weak signal. Then came the call through the eDispatches system which worked well. I had all responders on deck due to the eDispatches system working exactly as advertised. The homeowner is alive and being treated in a burn center for burns and smoke inhalation. I am quite sure this would not have been the outcome had it not been for the eDispatches system. You folks made it possible for us to help save a life.

Chief Glenn Surley
Pottsville Volunteer Fire Department /

I first want to say that you guys seem to have GREAT business ethics, which is rare these days. The fact that you provide the equipment at no cost, free shipping, 30 day trial, cancel anytime policy and your communication with customers is just awesome!! I would highly recommend your product to any department career or volunteer.

Captain Jeremy Vaughan
Kingston Springs Fire Department /

eDispatches was the perfect solution to our coverage areas, it is cost effective and they really go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied I would recommend eDispatches to any department needing a paging solution.

Jonathan Celnik
Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps /

Love your system! This is the best thing since sliced bread. Our IT guy loves the ease of installation of your product. He was very skeptical that it could be that simple and was very excited when it was essentially "plug and play" operation. Great product, thank you!

Fire Chief Gary Hames
Storey County Fire Department / Virginia City, Nevada

As a Chief I understand the need for back up communications. eDispatches provides that back-up communication and more. Although all of our members carry pagers, the coverage is not always the best and eDispatches provides a reliable method to insure incidents are delivered, whether by text or by voice to each member. It is beneficial to me as the Chief as I can keep in touch with daily incidents when I am out of town. Although eDispatches has currently met the needs of the Zion Fire and Rescue Department, the eDispatches staff is always willing listen and make changes that we feel will benefit the department even more.

Chief John Lewis
Zion Fire and Rescue Department / Zion, Illinois

eDispatches has quickly become a tremendous communication tool for the Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue Department. As we all know, communications are key for any Emergency Service. By having a second means of notifying our Fire Fighters not only assures an efficient response, but also offers peace of mind that all available Fire Fighters have been notified. The system was very easy to setup and the little bit of support that we required has been second to none! Not to mention that our pager repair and maintenance costs have been noticeably reduced since we subscribed.

District Chief Tom Mulvey
Centre Wellington Fire & Rescue / Ontario, Canada

eDispatches has been wonderful. We are a combination Fire Department in the mountains of Montana and where our pagers don't work our cell phones do. This coverage problem has made eDispatches a wonderful tool to alert our volunteers and our paid staff who live out of the area to current calls and events. What little support we have needed from eDispatches it has been prompt and wonderful. Thank you for a great product.

Captain John Moore
Hebgen Basin Fire District / West Yellowstone, Montana

Before using eDispatches, Charleston Fire District relied on a radio system for notification that did not signal all of our pagers due to dead zones. We also have firefighters that do not carry their pagers going to and from work or during other events. eDispatches has provided a secondary notification system that ensures all our firefighter's receive notification of the emergency since most or all carry a cell phone. Since starting the service last fall I have received several accolades from our firefighters regarding the program. It is also a valuable tool to receive notice when out of town of the District's emergency activity. The program provides members of our community the outlet to hear our emergency calls from the recordings available on the eDispatches web site. The service is well worth the cost and the customer service has been well supported by the staff of eDispatches.

Chief Michael Sneddon
Charleston Fire District / Coos Bay, OR

eDispatches has been a tremendous success with the members. Everyone loves it. Tech support, when needed has been amazing. The members love how they can still be alerted to calls and announcements even though they don't have their pager with them. Many members work where it is not practical to wear pagers but now can be alerted to calls on their phones. As Chief, I can be out of town or at work and stay informed as to what is happening in town. It also prevents members from missing calls when their wives or children turn down "that thing that makes all the noise". Thank You eDispatches.

Chief Mike Geary
Morris Plains Fire Department / Morris Plains, New Jersey

Just today eDispatches allowed three extra responders to make a call. All were in town and did not get the page to their Minitor 5's! With only a minute delay they were aware of the call. We had an extra piece of apparatus on the road and more people on scene. As in today's daytime call, every member that can make a call counts. Our volunteers are dwindling, we must make the most of everyone we have. The free Custom messaging has been invaluable in getting people to more recalls and drills. The price is right and the product is spot on!

1st Asst Chief Adam Barish
Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company / Kinnelon, NJ

eDispatches has been wonderful. We are a combination Fire Department in the mountains of Montana and where our pagers don't work our cell phones do. This coverage problem has made eDispatches a wonderful tool to alert our volunteers and our paid staff who live out of the area to current calls and events. What little support we have needed from eDispatches it has been prompt and wonderful. Thank you for a great product.

Captain John Moore
Hebgen Basin Fire District / West Yellowstone, Montana